Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sorry it's a bit vague but I'm having a bit of trouble remembering what happened in general...the days are running into each other...

So, I don't know if any of you even read my blog any more...or if you ever did, but I'm trying to keep it up even if it's just for me! =PIt's been a really long time since I wrote in it...so here we go.

Nightwish was fairly legendary. Though looking back it could have been a lot more legendary. I met up with Raven and Johannes after school. We hung out in the metro station and I laughed until I thought I was going to wet my pants (i didn't though, mind you!). We had dinner at the McDonalds in Aliados "Imperial McDonalds" and talked about guys kissing guys, namely if Conan and Rambo would be sexy kissing...I concluded no. We went to a Pingo Doce and were pretty sketchy. Then the concert! Pretty awesome, though noone really got into it until the end. The end was fairly epic though. After the concert we met with Elif and Raven and I went back to her house to spend the night. The next morning we woke up to breakfast, TV, and Turkish Coffee. Elif even read my Tarot in the coffee which was awesome.

That Sunday...what happened?!?! I don't even remember...I think Johannes came to Vila do Conde...we walked around and went to a net Cafe. Yea! That's what happened.

ummm...week...school...not much. We had a holiday that friday the 25th. I went to Serralves and the Park with Johannes, and we ate dinner at an Italian restaurante. Was supposed to meet with my host parents for a movie but that fell through, so I was a bit late. Oops...Saturday I had a mochachoc in the afternoon and dinner with Johannes and Nuno, which was really fun, though I could have stayed longer. Sunday Nuno met with my family and I...which was interesting.We had a holiday Thursday so Johannes and I went to a cafe by the Ribeira, took the old electric line up the hill, then walked along the Rio Douro. Friday I hung at home with Ines and Pipa... Saturday I had lunch in Porto with Johannes. I called Nuno...ate dinner at home. Sunday I surfed!!! It was freaking awesome...We had lunch in Porto because it was mother's day, then Johannes and I had dinner out in Vila do Conde and walked along the river.

I've been having a lot of problems connecting with the girls in my class...they've been ignoring me, cutting me off when I talk, walking away in the middle of my sentences. One of the girls from my class was working at the restaurante we ate at the other day, and acted all nicey nice in front of my family, but completely ignores me in school. Maybe I was shy in the beginning but I was never MEAN to them. Not even close! And it's not that I'm not trying, they just aren't responding AT ALL. I only have 6 weeks left anyways and I just don't even know if it's worth the effort at this point. They invited me to a dinner they were having AFTER it started, knowing that I live to far to stay out late in porto, and they all laughed when I wasn't understanding where she was saying the dinner was. Then they were like pinning it on me that I didn't come. I try and start conversations and stuff but it's no use...I'm going to be out of town the next few weekends so I can't do anything with them, but again it isn't that I don't want to, I just can't. Then school will be over...then what? I feel like I've failed with friends.


musicmom37 said...

Yay for another blog entry! It's good to jot down just a few things to remember everything that you did. And we all like reading it - your adventures are much more interesting than "the dog has diabetes and the bathroom floor rotted out..." Thanks for keeping up with the posts!

Dad said...

I still read your blogs. Thank you for keeping it up. It sounds like you're having a terrific time. Wes & James are very excited about visiting you next month. And Mom & I are looking forward to having you home... (so is Wicket!)

kathryn, who sings. said...

Caroline, darling.
I just stumbled upon your blog through facebook newsfeed etc. and I've read several posts of yours. It sounds like you're having so much fun! When do you come back to the United States?

Love your Nebraskan Friend,
Kathryn Coccia

Karen said...

Hey Caroline! Well, I am still reading your blogs so dont stop writing. It is fun to read about your adventures. the Mccharens returned yesterday from Scotland/england and were invited to a great American dinner at your house. Yum. Anyways we are all thinking about you and cant wait to celebrate your return. About those silly girls. Hang in there. You have done a great job there and if they dont want to see that than let it be their problem. Maybe there are being petty and jealous that you have the cute guy! Dont stop writing because like your mom says, it is a great way to remember all you did. Your brothers are def. psyched about getting to Portugal to visit. We will all have travel stories to share when we are all back together again. Have a great week, love, Karen